IMOCA having joined forces with Ocean Race management after Volvo’s retirement, there are several changes being planned that would be seen in the upcoming edition of the race in 2021.

December 11th saw the general assembly of IMOCA pass a new version of Class Rule for the race which started by defining the different characteristics of the yachts that would be eligible to compete in IMOCA 60 class of races. Johan Salen who acts as co-president of the race stated that it is a big moment for the race which has come about with the collaboration that had started in the summer months of last year. Now the IMOCA Class is being integrated into the Ocean Race event.

As per the class rule, the open design philosophy that is followed in IMOCA class would be incorporated in the boat design for the upcoming ocean race. It would also balance out performance and crew safety requirements, similar to how the short-handed versions work.

President of IMOCA, Antoine Mermod stated that it is important to minimize changes so that both full crew based competitions, as well as the short-handed races, can comply easily without having to incorporate too many changes. The Notice of Race would be issued shortly by the organization and the entry period would be made open. The technicalities would be detailed in the Notice of Race and the rules would reflect the expression of the event’s vision and affirm the commitment of the organization to ensuring sustainability of the program for both youth and crew driven races.

Two classes would be evident in the forthcoming races. IMOCA 60 would push for engineering and design specifications to be followed while one design V065 class would also be brought back and apply to crew based as well as close racing boats. Both classes would also include women crew members.

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