We do not relax as often as we would like, so when we have the opportunity to relax we begin to ask ourselves a lot of questions: what to take, for what number to buy tickets, where the stash is hidden, etc., and the most important question facing us is how to choose a hotel?

We suggest that you familiarize yourself with several criteria when planning your trip, because the right choice of the hotel is the guarantee of an unforgettable stay.

Purpose of the trip

To begin with, it is important to determine the purpose of the trip. If most of the time you will be on walks, excursions, meetings, then the hotel you need only for overnight stay, there are no special requirements here. But if you prefer to lie in the room, relax with juice from the mini bar, then it is important to choose the hotel more scrupulously. Clarify everything that may interest you: food, service, additional services. It is useful to know the characteristics of the country in which you are going, for example, beach holidays in Spain or Italy do not imply a frequent stay at the hotel, so there is no special variety of offers and additional services. At the milano hotel you will be having the best deals new options now.

Who’s riding

If you go on a trip with children, you should pay attention to the possibility of accommodation with children, there are hotels where accommodation with children is not practiced. Also, check if there is a play area for the child and the opportunity to leave it under the supervision of the hotel staff.


In the hotel sphere there are special signs for the food system:

BB – breakfast, HB – half board (meals 2 times a day), FB – full board (3 times a day) and the system “All inclusive”. It should be said that there are many hotels that do not have their own cafe or restaurant, but they can use the services of neighboring establishments, so please check in advance.

Check-in and check-out

Clarify these two nuances, since this time is determined individually by each hotel. Some hotels do not allow earlier settling and late departure; specify this moment, then not to stand with suitcases under the door. As a rule, settling takes place after 14:00, and eviction is at 11: 00-12: 00.

Additional services

It is not superfluous to specify what additional services the hotel provides. Someone may need a laundry service, someone needs a safe, in case of a beach vacation, ask if the hotel provides free sunbeds and umbrellas, and whether there is a private beach. And do not forget to know what services are paid, and which are not.


Well, where without them. Reviews are almost the most important factor when choosing a hotel for many travelers. Check out all the reviews at least for the last month and pay special attention to reviews where guests describe the pros and cons, this information will help to add the overall impression of the hotel.

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