A 1998 Sydney to Hobart had been a pretty tragic incident. A family relation to one of the boats that had been associated with the incident is known to be racing this year for honoring those who have lost their lives and are receiving loads of goodwill from the sailing community.

Matt Allen, the Australian Sailing President is known to have lent John Winning, 60-foot Ichi Ban. John is going to sail along with his father. The father, as well as son, has tasted victory in this race. However, they have never achieved this together.

John Junior had been aboard on Perpetual Loyal as it took some time to line honors 2 years ago. John Senior was aboard both overall winning and line boats. Nonetheless, he has not been a part of a race since 1996.

After two years, Richard Winning, his cousin had been the captain of Winston Churchill. It lost 3 sailors who were lost their life because of the fierce weather. John Senior said three good mates are missing at the sea. They found two rafts but the result had not been that good. However, unfortunately, you have been aware of the risk when you go out there. These things keep happening.

Allen is not the only one who is supporting the Winnings. There are other professional sailors who provide services for the race. The crew that they have got is on board and according to Willing Junior are good professional sailors. He has told them the story of doing it for a cause.

He states that none of the crew members are charging them anything for sailing but they surely deserve to be paid. However, they all have to say that they trust in the cause.

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